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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is an Auto Extended Service Contract?What Is an Auto Extended Service Contract?
An Auto Extended Service Contract is an agreement between the owner of the vehicle and the Service Contract Company, obligating the Company to pay for repairs covered by the contract for a specific period of time. Your vehicle is a major investment. With an extended auto service contract from Auto Protection, you are protecting yourself from the unexpected cost of mechanical breakdowns. One major repair often ends up costing as much, or even more than the entire cost of the service contract. A service contract will ensure that your vehicle is always in the best mechanical condition.

How do I purchase extended coverage for my vehicle?How do I purchase extended coverage for my vehicle?
First, start by requesting a quote using our free quote form on the right. You will need to provide us with your vehicle year, make, model and current mileage. A representative will contact you either by phone or email with your quote. Payment plans are also available on most plans.

How do I choose the right coverage plan terms?How do I choose the right coverage plan terms?
It's always better and less expensive to buy a plan when you have fewer miles on your vehicle. The more miles you have on the vehicle, the more you should expect to pay. However, you need to consider your driving habits. Examine how many miles you drive each year and how long you plan to keep the vehicle. Your answers will help you determine the best term and mileage option. We will also help assist you in choosing the best terms when requesting a quote.

Is there a money-back guarantee?Is there a money-back guarantee?
Most plans come with a money-back guarantee for 30 days. Please review your contract for details.

How do the payment plans work?How do the payment plans work?
A minimum down payment of 10% is required at the time of purchase and we will offer payments on the remaining balance over a 12-18 month period. There are no credit checks with any of our payment plans and you may pay by either check or credit card.

Is a vehicle inspection required for coverage?Is a vehicle inspection required for coverage?
No inspections are required, however, no plan will cover a pre-existing condition, regardless of which company you choose to purchase from.

Do the coverage plans cover parts and labor?Do the coverage plans cover parts and labor?
Yes, all plans cover parts and labor. This includes payment for fluids in conjuction with a covered repair.

How are claims paid? Do I have to wait for reimbursement?How are claims paid? Do I have to wait for reimbursement?
All covered claims are paid direct to the service center using a corporate credit card. Thus you do not have to pay for the repairs, file a claim and wait endlessly for reimbursement. In fact, most service centers will not accept extended service agreements unless the company pays direct.

Is the deductible paid on each repair visit or each repaired component?Is the deductible paid on each repair visit or each repaired component?
Your deductible is the only out of pocket expense you incur for a covered repair. But more importantly, you only pay one deductible per repair visit, not per part. Be careful when researching other companies because some charge a deductible per repaired component.

Why should I purchase my plan from your company?Why should I purchase my plan from your company?
Our relationship with multiple providers allows us to select the plans with the best pricing and most comprehensive coverage available. In other words, we do all the shopping for you, finding the best rates and passing the savings on to you! Most all major credit cards are accepted and payment plans are also available up to 18 months. There are no vehicle inspections required and coverage begins after your waiting period.

How do I get started?How do I get started?
To get started request your free service contract quote!

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